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Visual Analysis is driven to find complimentary, best of breed partners to address customer issues such as:

  • Fraud
  • End-to-End Case Management
  • Compliance
  • Social and unstructured data analysis
  • Intelligence and Investigative analysis

All partners are picked because of their focus around driving the best results for the best price to customers and our ability to easily integrate their solution for seamless implementations.

Partners include:



Blue Light, part of the Macalan Group of Companies: a portfolio of diverse Commercial and Defense oriented service companies, provides cutting edge training in information analysis and data analytics. Head quartered in Fayetteville, North Carolina with offices in Colorado Springs and Washington D.C., and representing most major products in the data analytics industry, Blue Light can provide customers with access to accredited training facilities and trainers around the country to meet their analytical needs.

Anacapa – Intelligence Training

Anacapa - Intelligence TrainingSince its formation in 1969, the company has completed research and development projects for over 200 different government agencies, academic institutions, and industrial organisations. Since 1971, the company has developed techniques for and conducted specialised training in intelligence analysis for more than 1,500 different law enforcement, business and military organisations throughout the world.

Course Brochures
AIM – Analytical Investigative Methods
CIA – Criminal Intelligence Analysis
FMA – Finance Manipulation Analysis
IA – Intelligence Analysis

Aptelisense – Compliance and Automation Solution

Aptelisense - Autonomous Data ComplianceProduct Brochure

Aptelisense is an independent software vendor with its own innovative technologies engineered from the ground up, including expert systems for automated fraud, risk and compliance monitoring and continuous process improvement.


integritie_logo_2Product Brochure

Knowledge CaptureĀ® from Integritie provides end to end business information capture and management solutions, with pre-built business processes and information management applications, available on-premise and in the cloud. Solutions included Social Media Management, Case Management, Claims Management, Investigation and Discovery and Complaints Handling.

Point Duty


Point Duty was formed in 2004 to commercialise a suite of world class technologies and intelligence tools. Point Duty is responsible for your best solution to the Cyber-Crime problem – Point Duty Discovery, incorporating their flagship product, the Discovery Cyber-Crime Suite. The Social Network Analytics by Point Duty (SNAPD) is the latest in a range of Cyber Crime detection systems allowing analysis and investigation of Facebook profiles, groups and their associations.

Polonious – Case Management Solutions

Polonious - Case Management SolutionsProduct Brochure

Since 2006 Polonious have helped over 50 customers refine their business processes to become more efficient, compliant and customer focused whilst reducing operational costs. With predefined investigative workflows for the insurance industry, the banking and finance sector and law enforcement Polonious can be operational in as little as six weeks.

Semantic Sciences

Semantic SciencesProduct Brochure

Semantic Sciences was formed to establish a new level of accuracy in text analytics and information integration. Their text analytic components enable clients to reliably integrate unstructured data into their systems with better-than-human accuracy. Their information integration capability enables customers to extract networks of linked entities across millions of documents to create end-user solutions of great power. These capabilities are hosted in the company’s Sintelix product.

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