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Visual Analysis Mark-up to Chart (m2c) is the latest addition to the Visual Analysis products suite that enhances the experience for IBM i2 Analysts Notebook (VA-AMIS ANB) users.

The product provides a new and exciting data acquisition workflow to expedite the “mark-up” of source material to create charts. The automated recording of source material references with m2c also negates the reliance of users back-tracking to check on updated cards. Time to chart is dramatically reduced to allow for more time to analyse – the utopia that all seek in charting.

Key Features:

  • Able to work with unstructured or structured source material on the internet and/or documents.
  • Integrated internet browser within IBM i2 Analysts Notebook.
  • A single interface with the users choice of search engine.
  • No need to swap between screens.
  • No need to copy & paste between different applications.
  • Search from the Entity Label in an existing chart. The label is used as the search parameter with a simple right click.
  • Mark-up text to create new entities, links and attributes through a simple right mouse click.
  • The m2c interface provides all the standard options available in Analyst’s Notebook within a couple of mouse clicks – Entity Type, Frames, Colours, Link Strength, Link Directions and many more.
  • Ability to create custom attribute classes on the fly in the mark-up. This updates the chart template should the required attribute class not exist.
  • Update entities with a photograph in the source material direct from the website material or via a selective snapshot capture of the image.
  • Automated source referencing for all actions by populating the supporting card of the relevant entity or link.
  • Captures the source reference for photographs added to entities. No need to worry about the additional actions required to record the source as m2c does it for you.
  • Save the text contents of the source material within a card. This allows for the source material to be captured and searchable within Analysts Notebook.
  • Extract a charts entities and links into IBM i2 iBase format for further analysis or treatment.
  • Significantly increases data to chart acquisition speed with an efficient workflow for users who need to source data from unstructured web pages.

Internal testing to date has shown that around a charts that have previously taken several weeks to create have been recreated within days (user experience may vary).

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