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Visual Analysis’ relationship with Defence has led to the development and deployment of tailored solutions for operational specific objectives.  Visual Analysis can provide strategic and tactical commanders with the capability required for enhanced detailed analysis for application to unpredictable situations.  With detailed support and mobile platforms, our defence solutions will ensure relevant and timely analysis when its needed.


One of the biggest challenges facing law enforcement agencies is finding certainty out of an ever changing landscape.  Visual Analysis’ product suite provides relevant and timely analytical capabilities to assist predictive analysis application to these landscapes giving law enforcement officers the foresight required to conduct effective operations.

Aligned with our tailored case and investigative management solutions, Visual Analysis can provide an overarching coverage of structured, unstructured and communications data, including bespoke social media analytics, significantly reducing investigation time.


Visual Analysis have the solutions to synergise the disparate world of traditional intelligence and the complex incursion of technology.  At Visual Analysis, we recognise the growing symbiotic relationship between intelligence and technology and develop unique solutions for intelligence officers and analysts to negotiate pathways through the large volumes of data to find their answer.

While the more traditional methods of intelligence and analysis are key to delivering your outcomes, Visual Analysis can assist in areas where technology has opened new communications streams, such as social media.  We can tailor our product range to suit your specific operational and strategic objectives.


In the dynamic world of corrections it is essential to be ahead of the game.  Visual Analysis can tailor specific analytical, investigative and case management solutions for corrections officer and analysts to ensure their advantage.

Our bespoke applications will provide you with avenues through large volume data and highlight unknown and new correlations.  Combined with Visual Analysis’ suite of products, officers and analysts can employ leading techniques, such as predictive analytics, to always be in front.


The financial sector is synonymous with a fast paced technical environment where the smallest and seemingly unrelated details can be overlooked.  This could lead to potential loss of revenue through missed opportunities to large scale fraud.  Visual Analysis continues to provide customised technical solutions to ensure the important details are not missed and you are ahead of the game.


Visual Analysis’ commercial sector products continue to deliver high value gains for our clients who require specific Business Intelligence, Fraud Identification and a broad range of business related analysis.  Visual Analysis will design and deliver bespoke solutions, meeting our client’s requirements,  to address all of their concerns.

Visual Analysis can also offer other solutions in addition to those listed above. Please contact our dedicated staff to discuss your solution  needs.

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