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For almost 20 years, Visual Analysis has worked with their customers to provide solutions and improvements to their intelligence and data management capabilities through bespoke consultative processes, innovative system design and training.

As a forward thinking case management and strategic intelligence organisation, VA has a proved track record enhancing capability for our global customer base including Intelligence Agencies, Government, Law Enforcement, Financial and Insurance sectors.

Specifically, we assist customers to aggregate unrelated critical pieces of information, from both Structured and Unstructured data, allowing a proactive approach to combating Crime, Fraud and Security Threats.

Visual Analysis has been providing a number of solutions to our customers since 1996 and has assisted customers to:

  • gain visibility into the key risks in their business
  • detect and quickly action fraud
  • make decisions on a real-time understanding of incremental risks
  • monitor structured and unstructured data
  • employ an agile investigation process to deal with suspicious behaviour
  • detect patterns of behaviour
  • take an integrated approach to operational risk and compliance
  • evaluate new and existing customers against a watch list
  • manage a number of disparate data sources.
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